All ATL Packages Under One Roof

ATL Package 1

Atal Tinkering Lab Package 1 includes all components for electronic development, Internet of Things & sensors, original DIY STEM kits (Like Bio Medical Kit, Water Sanitation Kit, Bio-Tech Kit, Agritech Kit, Drone Kit, Aerospace Kit, etc.

ATL Package 2

Atal Tinkering Lab Package 2 includes for Rapid Prototyping Tools (3D printing, rapid prototyping, and DIY crafting) as per the ATL Equipment List.(3D Printer-Flashforge, Dedicated UPS, Filament, Cardboard, Foam core boards etc.)

ATL Package 3

Atal Tinkering Lab Package 3 includes for Mechanical Electrical and Measurement Tools such as Hecksaw, Drill machine, Screwdriver Set, Oscilloscope, Telescope, Swing Machine etc. of popular brands like Stanley, Taparia, etc.

ATL Package 4

Atal Tinkering Lab Package 4 includes for Power Supply & Accessories and safety equipments such as adapters, sandpaper, cable ties, safety masks, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, safety goggles, etc.